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This website has something for all Corvette promo collectors. Everyone from the beginner to the most advanced collector can benefit from the information on this site. A panel of experts was consulted to make sure the information is as complete and accurate as possible. This is the best online source to see and compare the various Corvette promos that were produced over the years. There are currently 875 cars, 7 displays, 12 plaques, 13 trophies and 5 masters pictured on this website. Most cars can be found under the "Annual Issues" button to the left.

What is a Corvette promo?

In general, Corvette promotional models are factory assembled 1/25th scale plastic models that were licensed by General Motors and were produced each year from 1953 to present.

What are "Annual Issues"?

Corvette promos that were sold to the public are classified as "Annual Issues". This category includes: Dealer Promos, Friction Promos, Private Issue Promos, a Non-Dealer Promo and a Manufacturer Promo. The 1958-1959 PMC Scale Models, 1959 SMP Kit, 1965 AMT Slot Car Kits and 1969 MPC Dyno-Racers are also located in the "Annual Issues" section.

What are "Special Issues"?

Corvette promos that were produced by the manufacturer and distributed for a specific purpose are classified as "Special Issues". These promos were produced in small quantities and were not available to the general public.

What are "Test Shots"?

In general, test shots are sample cars that were not meant to be distributed.

What are "Event Cars"?

Event cars left the manufacturer as a regular promo. Then they were modified by an independent third party for a specific event, organization or company.

Are these promos for sale?

The promos pictured here on CorvettePromo.com are from private collections. They are not for sale.

How much are they worth?

This website does not assign monetary values to Corvette promos. There are too many variables (condition, rarity, desirability) for us to give accurate pricing here.

What are the CorvettePromo.com item numbers?

Each Corvette promo was assigned an item number to help create this website. The item numbers have no correlation to any of the original manufacturers' item or part numbers. When this website assigns an item number to a particular Corvette promo it will never change. Collectors are welcome to use these item numbers as a reference.

Why does CorvettePromo.com use color names that differ from what's printed on the original boxes?

The dealer promos are listed with their correct GM color name, regardless of what was printed on the original box. The friction promos are listed with generic color names.

How can I contact this website?

You may contact this website via the "Comments" button to the left.

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