The 2008 Corvette promos were manufactured by DoAllSer Company for Ivy Promotions. This was a change from the previous model year (Revell made the 2007s). Therefore, the promos were significantly different (although they appeared very similar). All 2008 Corvette promos were Indy Pace Car convertibles. The 2008 bodies were molded as 1 piece of plastic with separate bumpers, mirrors and hood. The bodies were molded in black plastic, clear coated and detailed with Indy Pace Car graphics and a silver Chevy bow-tie on the rear license plate. The clear plastic windshield had a "CHEVROLET" banner and was permanently attached to the underside of the body. The interior tub, seats, dash, shifter, door panels, steering column and steering wheel were all separate pieces. These parts formed the interior assembly. The interior assembly was inserted into the underside of the body and held in place by the chassis. The 2008 Corvette promos had chrome plated 5 spoke wheels. The blackwall tires had no lettering molded into the sidewall. The chassis was molded in black plastic and attached to the body with 4 black philips head screws.

Boxes: The 2008 Corvette promos came in window boxes with red and black artwork.

Note: The 2008 Corvette promos were produced in 2010.

Note: The interiors of 2008 and newer C6 Corvette promos are very easy to interchange. This website shows all the factory interior/exterior combinations for 2008 and newer Corvette Promos. Any combination not shown on this website was altered after it left the factory.


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