Item #1995-T6

1995 Corvette ZR-1 Coupe

Unreleased Promo

GM Color: Competition Yellow (Last ZR-1)

Interior: Yellow

AMT-Ertl #6662

Notes: The rear license plate of this promo reads "LAST ZR-1". A batch of these were produced by AMT-Ertl, but General Motors ordered that they all be destroyed because the last ZR-1 (real car) was to be "Torch Red". None of these "Competition Yellow" Last ZR-1 promos should have survived.

1995-T6-01 1995-T6-02
1995-T6-03 1995-T6-04
1995-T6-05 1995-T6-06
1995-T6-07 1995-T6-08
1995-T6-09 1995-T6-10


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