Item # 1992-02-1M

1992 Corvette Convertible

1,000,000TH Corvette Event Car

GM Color: Arctic White (1MM)

Interior: Red

Quantity Produced: ?

Notes: Occasionally the 1992 "1MM" Corvette promos are seen with a 1,000,000TH windshield banner. The banner is a transfer decal that was available from Vette Vues magazine.

1992-02-1M-01 1992-02-1M-02
1992-02-1M-03 1992-02-1M-04
1992-02-1M-05 1992-02-1M-06
1992-02-1M-07 1992-02-1M-08
1992-02-1M-09 1992-02-1M-10


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